Unable to watch my storyline content on aws amazon s3

Jul 16, 2015

Hi everybody.

I know many of you use s3 mangement on aws amazon. So , please may someone help me?

I have my web content ready and I can watch it perfectly on my computer.

I started to use amazon aws as suggested here on a topic forum. I uploaded the content in a new bucket, I stablished the bucket as website hosting (and added index document as "index.html" and error document as "404.hml" and I made all the content puplic, I renamed the story.html file as index.html and then I got the public link.

Once I search on the navigator do the index link, the navigator goes but nothing happens ( I tried chrome, moxilla and explorer). Nothinhg comes up. What I am doing wrong? .

Thanks in advance

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Xacobo de Toro Cacharrón

hi all,

many thanks for your quick responses. You are in fact a great community !!. I learn a lot from all of you

I discovered what was wrong. I was using the content manger of aws amazon 3s (because cloudberry does not connect, another thing that may be I do wrong...;$) and when fyles are selected (even folders) and you think they are going to upload with its content they don´t because it doesn´t work with folders. SO everything uploads except folders and its content and I did not realyse until now. I did manually creating those folders and copiing the content and now everything works fine.

Thanks Matthew Bibby and Ashley Terwilliger for your advise.  You are so fast helping ;D!


Elizabeth Dennis


If anyone else is searching for information on using Amazon S3 for hosting. Let me share what I've learned over the past two days as I tried to figure this out. 

1. Sign up for an Amazon S3 account. You'll have to give a credit card, but it's free for a year.

2. From your Console, click on S3 under storage and content delivery.  

3. Click Create a Bucket. (This is basically your root file.)

4. Give your bucket a name. You can't use underscores and it has to be all lower case. 

5. Choose a region. (Oregon always works when I try it.)

6. You should be now on the All Buckets screen. 

7. Click Properties for your new folder. 

8. Select Permissions > Add more permissions > Everyone 

9. Select List and click Save.

Your 25% of the way there..... You now need a way to get your files in the bucket. If you've ever used an FTP, it's the same thing. 

I downloaded Cloudberry Freeware and like it. If you have a Mac, here's the Mac version.

Here are tutorials on using Cloudberry if you need it. Make sure you add the Amazon S3 keys. 

Once you have Cloudberry or another FTP-type software setup:

10. Drag your published Storyline files to the bucket you just set up. (It should be showing in Cloudberry.)

11. Rename the story.html file to story.index.html 

12. Go back to your browser, all of your files should be in the bucket. 

13. Select all the files in the bucket.

14. Select the Actions button. 

15. Select Make Public. (It will ask you if you're sure.)

16. When it's done, go to the story.index.html file and select the Properties button on the top right of your screen. 

17. Copy the url given here. 

That's it. 

I hope this is helpful, like I said I spent two days figuring this out. The roadblock for me was that you need to make all files public, not just the root file. Thanks to Richard's post I finally came across that solution. 

Here are some other resources I found helpful: 


Streaming video from Amazon S3

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Easy ways to share elearning courses

Security Info


Elizabeth: I did everything you stated above (except not using Cloudberry ... I have a Mac, and the link you gave for Mac didn't download Cloudberry Explorer ... I could have downloaded it for Windows and used Parallels, but for some reason, my Storyline 2 course didn't save on the Windows side, just the Mac side. Grrrrr...sure it was user error, not computer error.) When I clicked on my link for "story.index.html" there was just a blank page. I read that you directly uploaded from your computer instead of using Cloudberry on another post. Did you use Dropbox to do that or did you upload the file directly from your computer? Sorry if I'm illiterate here...newbie just trying to learn! Thanks :D

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

I'm not familiar with Cloudberry - but we do recommend that when working with Storyline you're doing so exclusively within the Windows environment, and if you're sharing the files back and forth to the Mac side, it could be causing issues. Here's a good reminder article of best practices associated with the Parallels set up. 

Elizabeth Dennis

I also have started using a bucket policy. It tells the bucket to be a public file, however I still set my top level folders to be public. That's probably redundant, but I do it just in case. 

If you'd like to try the policy, go to All Buckets>'your folder'>Properties>Permissions>Add Bucket Policy>copy and paste the text below:

"Version": "2008-10-17",
"Statement": [
"Sid": "Allow Public Access to All Objects",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Principal": {
"AWS": "*"
"Action": "s3:GetObject",
"Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::FolderName/*"


Edit where it says FolderName with the name of your folder. 

I hope this helps.

Elizabeth Dennis

Thank you, Ashley. I appreciate you sharing this article, Parallels can be so tricky and causes quite a few problems for me. 


Double check your Parallels settings. I have found that even if I have shared all folders between my Mac and Parallels, I often can't access folders. If you share a specific folder it seems to work every time. 

If you want to try this, go to the Parallels icon on the top of your Mac screen>Configure>Options>Sharing> Share a particular folder under Share Folders.

Patrick Cross

Hello people,

This comments section has helped me to get my course up on to S3. All seemed well until i noticed some of the interactions (specifically words that i have highlighted that trigger a popup when the mouse hovers over them) are not working. Shapes that trigger the popups are working but not words. Has anyone run into something similar?


Patrick Cross

Hi Leslie,

Because of problems i had previously i now store, create and publish all of my Storyline content within Parallels. In this instance i am working with a finished project.

I have been using Tempshare to allow team members to test Storyline content as i have been building it. I now need a permanent hosting solution so i started using S3, setup as Elizabeth Denis described above. All good. The content is live and accessible and appears to function as it should. Problems arise when trying to interact with some of the content. As i described above, some of the turnovers are no longer working.  I am of course presuming that the way i have setup S3 is identical to how Tempshare is organised, which may not be the case. I am uploading my files directly into S3 (im not using an FTP client like CyberDuck) and i am copying the files out of Parallels and into Mac OS first. I dont see how the last point could have any bearing on the issue as these are complete, finished project files. I can provide my .story files and link to the hosted content on S3 if that might help?

lynne thomas

I know that this thread is a bit old but we have been publishing to AWS and then using that link to go on our website. I have always published to LMS but I am reading I should be publishing to Web. This has not been a problem until today when I cannot get a file to run on AWS but publishes to web just fine. 

Vicki Kunkel

I have had zero luck with AWS. Followed all of the directions here, as well as those on the Tom Kuhlman video. Although the link works fine, the course does not play well at all; images are lost, interactions don't work, etc. 

I am going back to hosting on WordPress with the Articulate Storyline plugin, as that is the only solution I have found that is reliable.

Mahua Ghosh

Your post helped me a lot Elizabeth! I spent two days in trying to figure essentially what was going wrong.

Essentially, even I make the folder public at the very first attempt - it was not working. As you said I had to rename the story.html to story.index.html and individually all the files public!!!!

A BIG Thank you!

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