I'm developing a storyline interactivity with multiple FIB in it. I searched the articulate forum and found a solution on how to create the same using triggers. I followed the instructions but I just cant achieve the same results.

For the interactivity, i want the users to be able to enter various inputs (numbers) in response to the question. The users will need to enter some 15 separate inputs to do a calculation. I tried to work with the Pick One option in storyline to manage the multiple fill in the blanks but it just doesnt work.

Can someone please help me? I already wasted 5 hrs trying to work it out and I'm pretty disappointed by myself now. Pls. help.

Thanks in advance,


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Helen Tyson

Hi Sonia

I just tried your story and I think the reason you the Pick One element didn't work is that on the trigger to change the Incorrect button the conditions should be 'OR' statements, not 'AND':

The other thing to consider is that if you need to do calculations your variables should be numeric, not text.

I know it doesn't bring back 5 hours, but hopefully will point you in the right direction to fixing it.

Good luck