Uncaught TypeError SL360

Feb 20, 2018

I'm scratching my head about this one. I'm getting this error in the dev console in Chrome. Seems every time a user hits a page in the course that goes back to the main menu the course stalls. Thing is I used these same courses last November and did not have this issue. Does anyone know what this actually means? I'm not a programmer! Thanks in advance for any help.

Additional Info:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'currView' of undefined
at D.n.reparentChild (app.min.js:46)
at D.n.reparentChild (app.min.js:35)
at D.n.setAnimationResumeData (app.min.js:35)
at D.n.setResumeData (app.min.js:35)
at app.min.js:47
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at D.n.setObjectsResumeData (app.min.js:47)
at D.n.applyResumeData (app.min.js:46)
at t.componentDidMount (app.min.js:30)
at t.componentDidMount (app.min.js:6)
reparentChild @ app.min.js:46
reparentChild @ app.min.js:35
setAnimationResumeData @ app.min.js:35
setResumeData @ app.min.js:35
(anonymous) @ app.min.js:47
setObjectsResumeData @ app.min.js:47
applyResumeData @ app.min.js:46
componentDidMount @ app.min.js:30
(anonymous) @ app.min.js:6
notifyAll @ app.min.js:4
close @ app.min.js:8
closeAll @ app.min.js:10
perform @ app.min.js:10
perform @ app.min.js:10
perform @ app.min.js:9
E @ app.min.js:9
ReactUpdates_flushBatchedUpdates @ app.min.js:8
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Rick Nusz

The course just stalls and the user sees a spinning circle. If they try to click anywhere else the screen appears to be locked. Restarting the course will get the user back into the course but then they have the same problem. It seems to only happen at the end of a scene when they try to go back to the main menu.

Rick Nusz

As I recall, the fix for Chrome ended up being to rebuild all the files on my local PC and ripping them to my LMS as the problem could not be duplicated. Haven't had this problem since.

Also, I have a giant disclaimer at the start of the course warning users not to use MS EDGE as it seems to cause a similar error in my LMS (TalentLMS).

Hope that helps!

Loic Benard

Hi Rick,

Thank you ! I can reproduce the error, on each browser, IE, Chrome FF, without LMS, only the web puplication, but your last sentence "Seems like it happens when I have an object hidden on a layer that only shows when a user interacts with something on that layer." 

I have a similar design on my slide ! 

I will be in touch


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