understanding published packages files

I want to learn about what a published package (SCORM and TinCAn API) contains.

I see am trying to figure out a back door entry into editing.

for example, If I have to update a course with a new video, I simply copy that video into the appropriate folder of the published package and rename that to the existing video . This helps me avoid publishing the entire course agagin. similarly I update any punctuation or spelling correction in presentation.xml.

In Articulate storyline, the names of the slides are long and "coded" and i see that frame.xml contains all the information pertaining to the notes within the presentation.

I would like to know :

1. what each folder, generated after a publishing a course, contains.

2. where to quickly update attachments/reference

3. glossaries 

4. hide/show controls

5. if there is anything different i have to do to ensure that the update gets reflected for both  mobile and desktop devices. 


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