undo convert to free form

I converted a slide to free form to try out using the interactions I set up as more of a quiz with feedback but after playing around with the quiz option, I decided it wasn't going to work with what I needed it to do. Is there a way to revert the slide back to normal? I tried clicking the undo button as far back as I could but it's still in free form and I'm hoping I don't have to re-build the slide.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

CTRL-A selects everything on a slide

CTRL-V copies everything selected

Create and new slide, and CTRL-V pastes the objects on a new slide.

Coincidentally, at your stage of development, slides that take that little time to create are generally simple enough that re-doing from scratch will probably result in better design,  and increased learning opportunities, anyway. Remember, the more you put into a project, the more the learners are going to get out of it, so the goal is not ease of creation, but usefulness of the final result.