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Feb 06, 2014

Does anyone know if there is a bug list to check and if there is a preferred method of reporting issues? i seem to remember there was a 'report bug' button, but i can't find it now.

Seeing some unexpected behaviour with Storyline update 5

In storyview

Double click slide to open

Slide opens as expected

Click on storyview tab and a link has been added from scene 1 to scene 2

Right click and select 'deselect link'

Also, some of the colour swatches seem to be reversed on  shape fill theme colours.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karl,

I'm not able to replicate the first item you shared, and I'm not clear on what you're seeing for the second one. With that in mind you may want to begin by conducting the repair of Storyline in the event that something occurred during the update.  Other reasons that your Storyline files may be behaving oddly include:

If you're still having odd behavior can you please connect with our Support team? There will be an option on the second page of that screen to record the behavior you're seeing which will help in isolating the issue. 

Karl Gunter

Thanks Ashley.

Projects are local and DPI is 96 so can rule those out.

Haven't done a repair, so will try that.

I took video captures of the behaviour  for both the added link and the shape colours displaying incorrect colour on preview (Mouse over swatch). Will submit a case if the behaviour continues after trying repair.

Do you know if there is a public viewable bug list to see if issues have already been reported?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Karl for testing out the repair. 

There is  not a public bug list, although you can see what fixes have been included in past updates here.  

If you do find something that is a bug, you can report it to us here in the forums or by connecting with our support team. We'll do some additional testing and then report to our QA team for review. 

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