Unexpected Error?

Aug 31, 2020


I usually save a new copy of a project every day as I work on it, and at the end of the day I put a copy of it onto a separate backup storage device.  Just now I tried to save a copy of my current project to the backup, and I got a weird error message - see attached photo.  Any ideas why this would happen? The storage device isn't on a network, but the other day I unplugged it from my usual computer and added some files to it from a different computer - but I can't see how that would've changed whether I can put more files onto it (the device isn't full).



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Mick Irvin Garcia

Oh my. I am quite sure and am hoping that you still have the original files of your project since the one in your backup storage appears to have been corrupted already.

Sometimes, data corruption just happens sometimes. It can be due to a faulty storage device, it could be that the connection was abruptly terminated while the system was making changes to the file (Not necessarily your fault.)

Best of luck!

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