Uninstall Update?

Nov 12, 2019

Unfortunately, my SL 360 app has been functioning very poorly since I installed the latest update. One irritating problem is that there is a major delay when I try to move items. Not a huge problem, but those little delays add up, and are frustrating. I did not have that problem until I installed the latest update. I'd like to pass on this one...


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Scarlett, 

Thank you for reaching out about this! I am sorry that you are running into delays when moving items with the latest update. Does this same behavior happen in any project? How long are these delays? 

In the meantime, you can re-install a previous update from the desktop application. On the main desktop application menu, you will want to click on the ↓ that appears next to Open for Storyline 360 >> then click on Other Versions to choose an earlier version of Storyline you wish to install: 


Scarlett Brooks

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your reply. The delays aren't super long; some objects just feel "sticky." It's noticeable because I've been working with SL exclusively for two years now (love it!) and ae used to just zipping around in a project, doing whatever I need to do.

I haven't opened any other projects today, so it could be just the one; I'm not sure. 

I'm going to follow your directions and install a previous update for now.

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