Unique data entry per slide from a master slide


I've created a master slide with functionality which is accessed from a drop-down menu, one of which is a notepad i.e. the learner should be able to enter/access unique notes on every slide. I want to be able to make the data entry variable change every time there is a new slide.

This obviously worked fine when I created 4 slides outside of a master - the notes were stored on each slide (stuffing each into a unique variable which I specified...Textentry1, Testentry2 etc).

However, because I have built a master slide I am stuck with the same data entry variable on every slide. I can't separate this out and put on each slide because of the way the notepad is accessed (i.e. from a drop-down).

Does anyone have a solution to make the variable change from the master slide?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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Julian Stubbs

Just so it's clear, I'm uploading the file which uses no master slide and shows the individual notes on each page (which is the effect I want to achieve) and also the file with the master slide I am using. I just wondered if I can manipulate the data entry field in the master slide e.g. make it's name increment by 1 so it's unique on each slide.

Firstly attached here is the master slide...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julian,

There isn't a way to change the name of the variable from slide to slide using a trigger on your slide or on the master itself. Unfortunately I think you'll need to set up triggers on each slide regarding which variable is being used for the text entry - you can copy and paste triggers, and transfer them from slide to slide.