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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Aneeta!

Sounds like you're inserting step-by-step recordings for these screen recordings, is that right? Are you using "View mode steps", by any chance? 

If so, you could re-insert the recording and disable the option for "Indicate clicks with highlight". 

It'll look something like this:

However, I'm not entirely sure if that's the effect you're looking to remove. If it's not, can you give us a little more information?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

The element mentioned above, are the "semi transparent rectangles that highlight where a user should click" per this tutorial.  I believe the red circles you're referring to actually indicate where the user is clicking - or should be in a View mode - and there isn't a way to remove them. 

megan jonas

Hi Gary, Hi everyone.

These red circles can totally can be removed!

Select the cursor in the timeline, open Format menu and look for 'Show Click Effects' check box. Remove check from box. For me, the red circle doesn't disappear until I click something else in the timeline or move to another slide and come back, you know?

I found your post looking for a way to remove them ALL AT ONCE when inserting the recording in view mode. So if someone knows how to do that, hollar at me! 

It's tedious to remove manually one by one, I am working on 32 modules with 50 slides each..

Don't give up on Storyline just yet, I promise it will grow on you!