Unlimited Quiz Attempts Report to LMS?

Good morning!

I have 2 courses that have unlimited quiz attempts at the end; the client said it wasn't reporting to their LMS. I've checked the recording/tracking on both courses and it's set to track at the quiz results slide.

Can you report to the LMS if there's unlimited attempts? What else could be the issue?

Thanks for the help!


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Gerry Wasiluk


I don't believe the AICC or SCORM specs support that.  Might only be recording launch attempts with each course and not how many times a question is answered during a session.

Not sure if Tin Can does thing differently here.

This might be daunting to accomplish.  You might be able to do this with a custom variable and make sure resume is always turned on.  Then you'd need access to the LMS db and be able to query it. Then you'd need to be able to interpret the resume data sent and your stored variable.

Pretty daunting . . .

Wonder if there is way with JavaScript to post this data to an external db?  Way beyond my expertise . . .