Unlock navigation after users have completed the course and are reviewing

I'm not sure whether this is something that works or not since I don't currently have a test LMS. Nevertheless, a client has asked me for this, so I imagine it doesn't work.

They want the navigation to be restricted (user can review but not go forward) while the person is taking the course. Once the user completes the course, they want the person to be able to go back into the course and have the navigation be unrestricted. 



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Steve VE

As far as I know, once they visit a slide they can revisit it at any time. From the docs: "Restricted navigation means learners can view the current slide and any slide they've previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides."

So if they've viewed a slide they can go back to that slide. If they've done all the slides then all the slides should be available for review.

Lisa Heyden

Okay, I figured out what I did wrong. I had two triggers set to when media completes, so one of them wasn't being triggered. It works.

My client is telling me that the menu is grayed out and unclickable when students return. Do I have some setting wrong? I'm using restricted navigation. Do I need resume saved state for that, too?

Lisa Heyden

Ok, so my client is still telling me that the menu remains restricted when the user logs back in to review. Any ideas what's going on here?

The basic setup is 4 scenes with videos. The user cannot navigate to a new scene until the video completes. Once it does they are able to go back to that video as long as they are still logged in. Once they log out and log in again, the navigation is still restricted, and they cannot freely go to the next scene.


Lisa Heyden

Hi Guys,

Ok, this is apparently still a problem for my client. As it turns out it works perfectly on ScormCloud but not so good in Adobe Connect. 

After the user certifies and exits the course they want to go back into the course to review. Adobe tells them they're in review mode, but does not present the box that asks if the user wants to resume and therefore the menu remains locked.

Anyone had this problem before?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa,

If it works as expected in SCORM Cloud, that's an industry standard for LMS testing and we'd be unable to assist with the Adobe Connect elements. There is an older tutorial here on how to load content into Adobe connect, so you may want to confirm you're following those steps. Also, the course may be locked into review mode to prevent the user from changing the status, and you could look at manually overriding that as detailed here. Please note though that changing the published output is not something we can offer support for. 

Betsy  Murphy

I'm having trouble making this work.  My client wants the learner to be able to use the menu to skip around for purposes of review only AFTER they have completed the course first.  I have the menu restricted so they can't skip around the first time but can't figure out how to make it free after completion.  This course does not end in a quiz.


Wendy Farmer
Betsy Murphy

I have the menu restricted so they can't skip around the first time but can't figure out how to make it free after completion

Hi Betsy

do you mean within the same session? With a restricted menu once they have viewed a slide it becomes unlocked and they can go back to it as many times as they want. They just can't click a slide forward in the menu that they haven't yet visited. Is this not the behaviour you are seeing?

I know there isn't a quiz but is the client still hosting the course on an LMS? If so which one, and which browser are they using? Perhaps try testing in Scormcloud (Industry standard LMS) and if it works there you know it's an LMS option that needs tweaking.


Betsy  Murphy

I tried testing in scorm cloud and it doesn't work. The menu is set up to just show the scene titles and not each slide. They want them to be able to click on the scene title and review the scene. Yes, this is after they complete the course but before they exit out of it. I have the setting on "restricted".

Betsy Murphy, PHR
Principal, Breakthrough Talent Solutions, LLC