Unlock seekbar trigger/script?

I am wondering if anyone has had any luck switching the read-only seekbar to allow user to drag via a trigger or script?

I have a seekbar read-only course and I'd like to give the course admins the option to scrub?

Switching to modern player and making the slide read only once is an alternative but it creates an extra step.

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Andrew Hanley

Im also looking to do this "admin review" option using a trigger, or javascript to have a "restricted menu" course change at run time to allow:
- the next button enabled for every slide
- all items in the menu clickable
- the seekbar is scrubbable

So far, I havent had any success.

As Matthew suggests, the only way Ive been able to do this in the past was using variables on the Master slide to watch for a "secret" button press which would then unlock the NEXT button on each slide.
THe MENU and SEEKBAR I never got working.

My thinking now was that because Articulate exposed the "built-in" variables, there must be some of these that control the restrictions, but so far, even though I can successfully change them with triggers, it doesnt seem to affect the menu or next buttons.

If I find a solution I will post it here.
If anyone has any insights, ideas or pro tips - Im always ready to learn! :)