unlocking locked custom navigation for second viewing

May 01, 2014

I am creating a program that consists of a series of modules. I have locked my custom navigation buttons so the user has to complete the video/voiceover on the slide before moving to the next slide. I would like to unlock the nav button so that if they click back to a previous slide or return to the module to review they are not locked into watching or listening to each slide to completion before moving forward again. How do I unlock my custom next button for a user's second viewing of the slide? 

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Kate Peterson

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for that resource. I'm having no problem with the restriction, but I'm wanting to not have a restriction for when the learner goes through the slide a second time. So basically I only want restriction for the first view through, and every time after that I want no restrictions. Is that possible? Thanks!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Kate,

Not sure how you have your custom navigation buttons and restrictions set up. Could you perhaps upload a few files here?

For example, in some instances, if you have your buttons hidden at the outset and then have triggers setting them to normal when the timeline ends, the buttons will remain normal as you go back and forth.

But if there are other things going on, you'll probably need to add variables.

Erik Abasciano


I know this thread is a little old and I'm hoping with newer versions of Articulate Storyline & Studio available since this was posted that there may be an easier way to achieve what Kate was looking to do. Kate if you found a solution that worked, please let me know or point me in the right direction. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to achieve this with HTML5 only since the death of Flash has been announced.

I am new to articulate but not eLearning software. It sounds like our eLearning trainings are designed similar to Kate's and trying to achieve the same thing. We have modules with some videos and voice over slides that auto advanced from ones slide to the next. We require the user to watch each slide from start to finish without skipping ahead or cheating the system by skipping through. They use to do this by moving the playhead towards the last second or two of each slide. I have tested all the basic features that Articulate offers and with so many different ways to modify how and what a user can do, it seems there is definitely ways to do this. 

We would have loved a feature or check box, available when publishing, were once they completed the "locked version" the module would be unlocked going forward so anytime they wish to revisit the module they will be able to be in "review mode" that has free navigation.

I have scanned the forums and found many different technics to sort-of achieve this using various different methods depending on the persons specific need. This is because of the flexibility of Articulate tools and features. Again, I was hoping for the good old easy button but suggestions for this specific usage would be appreciated. 

We are planning to us Storyline 360 to produce all future trainings but since we are changing to a new LMS at the same time and having to republish a bunch of old modules that were originally produced using Adobe presenter, designed for SWF output, we want to get the best solution before cranking out our old training. Our current plain and hope is to reproduce a a good portion of them using Studio 360 since its very similar to Adobe Presenter and will be the quickest method to redo our older trainings.

The closest solution I found to achieve this but using Storyline was from suggestions in this forum. Its suggested to make a scene that is locked, than duplicating that scene, than format the duplicated scene to be unlocked with free navigation. User gets to the end of the locked portion of the module, the SCORM reporting is set to mark module as completed after the number of locked slides is watched. On the last slide, of locked version, add a button like "Review Module" which links to the duplicate scene that is unlocked. And block the user form getting back to the locked slides to avoid confusion. 

I was thinking of doing something similar using Studio but instead of scenes, copy the locked slides, add them after the last locked slide. Add a Review Button on the last slide, which will advance them to the duplicated slides that would be unlocked. Im sure there may be problems with this besides large file size but haven't really tested it yet. 

I apologize for rambling, but I hope this may either help someone or make someone think of a better solution or someone tell me i am crazy and theres a much easier way to achieve this. 

Thanks for any suggestions or approvements to these methods.


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