Unpredictable displaying of quiz from a question bank

Hi heroes,
I've quite a big issue for developers: the client asks for showing just 1 quiz randomly taken from a question bank in a unpredictable manner. For example: one time the quiz appears in the middle of the lesson, another time at the beginning or at the end.
The point is: is there a way to set the displaying of the quiz at an unpredictable and totally random moment during the scene? The aim is to check the factual presence of the user injecting interactive moments.

I have another one: once the user fails the single quiz in a QB, how to remove this wrong one from the same QB?

Going mad so far ...

Thank you! 


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Judy Nollet

Short answers to the two questions: "no" and "you can't." 

Longer answers:

On it's own, Storyline doesn't have a way to randomly move a QB draw around a scene. 

  • I'd push back about the need to inject quiz questions "randomly" anyway. Just insert a question at points that seem appropriate. (It might actually reduce learning to interject something randomly, since it could disrupt the flow of the content.) 

As for removing a given question from a QB: the program doesn't do that. Each draw is a unique pull from the QB. 

  • Why not just insert a question slide directly in the desired location? That ensures each question the user sees will be a different question. And, if you want to get fancy, you could use variables to track the answers and then re-route the user through different paths based on their answers. All without a QB. 
  • Again, I'd push back on the client's request. Are they afraid those who take the test first are going to share screenshots of the questions with other learners? If so, they've got far bigger issues in their company to deal with...