Unpredictable Interaction Behavior - Web versus LMS

Hello - I have created a course with several drag and drops as well as navigation slides that use counters to reveal the next slide after users have clicked through a specific number of buttons.  When I preview/publish for web viewing, the interactions work.  However, when I publish for the LMS, two of the interactions break.  All of them are built the same way, so I am at a complete loss as to why this could be happening.

Example 1: Drag and Drop, need to drag and drop 7 boxes to the correct locations before the "Correct" layer displays. My counter is set to 7. There are a few users who claim (and sent screenshots to prove it), that the "Correct" layer displays after 3 correct drops.  I have attempted to re-create this problem approximately 20 times and have only been able to see this behavior twice, once when published to the web and now up on the LMS.

Example 2: I have three icons that must be clicked through before the Continue slide displays.  In preview/publish to the web, it works great.  On the LMS, the Continue layer does not display after all three icons are "visited".

I am viewing the files in Internet Explorer, and I have the current version 6 installed.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lauren and welcome to heroes!

You may want to test this in the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing content. If it works as expected there, you can look at the information here for troubleshooting your LMS.

Also, here are the system requirements for Storyline 1, and Storyline 2, as Internet Explorer 8 and above is needed for Storyline 2.

Lauren Doud

Hi Emily - Thank you for providing the link to the SCORM Cloud. I uploaded the training, and tested it. The original issues I posted do not recur in the Cloud. However, a slide with the same functionality, is no longer working properly. The layer is revealing before the Chapter Counter criterion is met. How should we best proceed? I want to be sure the chapter counters are working properly. I am also on the most current versions of IE, Flash Player, and Chrome. Thanks!