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Jul 23, 2020

I have a storyline module with 3 scenes.  I would like to restrict the menu so that the user finishes the first scene BEFORE they can access the other two scenes.  I there a way to restrict the menu for the first scene, then let them menu for scene 2 and 3 be free


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Judy Nollet

No. The entire built-in Menu is either free, restricted, or locked. 

Possible workarounds:

  • Don't show the built-in Menu at all. Instead, create a Menu slide that forces the user to finish the first scene before being able to access the other 2. Or this branching could just appear at the end of the first scene. 
  • Create a custom Menu that functions like the built-in one. But it would have to appear on the slides (not on the side or via a Player-level tab). And, obviously, that'd be a lot more work. 
  • Don't show the built-in Menu during the first scene; only have it visible during the other scenes. You can hide in on specific slides via their Slide Properties. The main drawback to this option is if the person uses the Menu for reviewing slides. They could jump back to an item in the first scene, but then the Menu would disappear, which would likely be confusing. 

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