Unselected Tick Box

Jul 30, 2013

I have come across a strange error that  was picked up after a trial.

I have some tick box button to select which quiz banks to follow. But if a tick box is selected then unselected it still counts.

Usually a box will be ticked and that would be it, but if the user made a mistake and then unselected it then I would expect it to be ignored.

 I have these "buttons" to be selected and then a final button to move on to the next slide.

 The tick box variables are

 Set deldriver equal to 4       {Tick Box one}

 When the user clicks

set flt equal to 3

 When the user clicks       {Tick Box two}

The button click to move on is

Jump to 1.3 Untitled slide

When the user clicks.


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