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John Denner

Based on my VERY limited experience, storyline is so awesome at this particular challenge compared to other software,

Try adding the button (or any other object) to a "button set" which then in the storyline world  tells the behind the scenes programming (action script/html5) to treat the button special.


You click button 1 so then all other buttons within that set are now DEselected. Antiquated analogy, but think of those old buttons that when you pushed it all the other buttons popped up. Mechanical process translating to an electrical signal. I unfortunately still have this type of mechanical selection process on my oven at home.

I use this method a lot on main menus to measure when a user has completed a topic or started a topic I could care less (and the learner for that matter) if they haven't because this just equals zero. No sugar coating here

If the learner is returning and has started a topic they subtlety receive feedback that hey have already began or completed the topic. Subtlety does not mean some alert window; that's not subtle. I'm talking about the button turns from blue to #asdfgh. If they have completed the topic they receive another visual cue. Based on the topic status the new/hover started/hover completed/hover status is triggered.

Boolean is cool I guess but Topic = 0 1 2 3 4 "n" is way more useful and with Storyline is soooo easy to implement. Sorry Captivate.

Also be careful about copying a "default" status state. Things can get weird behind the scenes since storyline uses some Adobe Flash defaults for button states.

When in doubt....... start from scratch I guess to make sure all those annoying defaults don't embed themselves into your content.

That's pretty catchy right?