"Untitled" slides...

Why does SL say that my slides (all of them in this project anyway...) are "Untitled", when clearly - they are titled?

Send your ideas on a postcard to Articulate Support...

Alternatively discuss here after looking at your own situations, and then tell me I am:

1> A loon, or

2> Correct.

In either scenario, I am tempted to log a support call, but thought I would ask first.



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I think it's coming from the slide master. To test:

I started a new project which of course has a blank slide. In Normal View, the Slide title is "untitled slide", but the "status bar" at the bottom left says, "Slide 1 of 1 "Clean."

I name the slide  "daffodils", but it still says Slide 1 of 1 "clean" in the status bar in Normal View and Story View

I insert a new slide from the template "Character Display Panels", select the "Clipboard" slide, and choose Import. That slide's title is clipboard, BUT in story view and normal view the status bar says  "slide 2 of 2 Articulate". And, if I view the Master View:

The first master, which the first slide is based on, is entitled "Clean."

And the second master, which the second slide is based on, is entitled "Articulate."

Crystal Horn

Hi Jean.  I just answered in the other discussion, but I understand what you're asking now!  😁

The name you see at the bottom of your Storyline application is the theme name and not the slide title.  If you hover over that element, a little tool tip will pop up letting you know what theme or slide master you're using.

I hope that helps to at least clear up some of the confusion.  I'm sorry that wasn't clear!