Unused slide masters report being used; cannot be deleted

Nov 20, 2019

I have a project that contains slide masters that are NOT being used by any slide in the project, yet they report that several slides are using them. This is project into which scenes have been imported. And those scenes seem to always come in with their own masters. Anyway, I'm certain that the master I want to delete are not is use. Still they report that they are being used? Can this be corrected or reset?  

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Diane Fallier

I have never seen a case where that happens. When you import slides, the imported slides will use the added slide masters. You can see which slides are using a particular master by putting something easy to spot on the master in question. Then look at what slides have what you placed on the master. You can then change what layout those slides are using.

Hope this helps.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Willi!

I haven't seen this occur either! I'm happy to investigate to understand why your course is showing that multiple slides are using a specific master slide. 

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