Unwanted blue glow appearing on a custom hover state. Why?!

Sep 10, 2013

We're building out the design for a new course that has a lot of custom graphic elements. We've included a custom hover state on quiz questions and, for some reason, there's a blue glow that's getting added to the hover state when we preview/publish the course. It's not there when we look at the states. What's going on? 

Story file

Published file

Let me know if you have trouble accessing the files, and thank in advance for your help!

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Laura,

That little pesky hover glow is actually part of the color theme palette. 

First, go to the Design tab and all the way to the right is a button titled, 'colors.' When you click on that dropdown you'll see several color themes. By default each new project is set to "Office."

You'll need to create a new color theme in order to edit the colors by clicking at the bottom of that window, "Create New Theme Colors...." 

A new "Create New Theme Colors" dialog box appears with the ability to give it a custom name. I usually name these based on the the Project Name. 

The color that glows behind those radio buttons is Accent 5. Simply change that color to something that fits your overall color theme. If you don't want any color you'll have to select white or any color the same as your background as there is not option for "No Color."

Hope this helps. 

Coline T Son Lee

I'm having a bit of an issue with this hover and blue glow. The behavior I'm getting is that all but one of the radio buttons has the glow. I don't have a preference either way with or without the glow. But I am not sure how to either turn it OFF on all or ON on the one that isn't showing it. Can someone offer some suggestions here? It's displaying on the entire quiz where all but one of the radio buttons has the glow on hover.

Christo Jacob


Even i'm facing with the same problem. This blue glow appears for plain text even when no hovering effect is added. I'm working with storyline 2. It just appears randomly. No idea why it appears. 

A quick tip what we follow is we put a rectangle shape with 99% transparency and this helps to avoid the blue hovering effect on text, but when it happens to clickables we dont know what to do. 

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