Unwanted Extra Space in Scroll Panel

Oct 04, 2017

Hey Everyone,

So there is a bunch of extra in my scroll panels that wasn't there while my training is in Storyline, only when I publish it to review, and I don't know how to make it go away.

 Any ideas?

Thank you,


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Jan Friml

I have found an overcome for this issue.

It seems to me that this white extra space underneath the text in the scrolling panel has the same height as the text itself. Looks like the same number of lines of text you have in the text box is duplicated under the text as empty lines, which causes the white space.

The longer the text, more white space underneath. 

The solution is therefore simple - split the text into separate text boxes, only couple of text lines each (one or two sentences, maybe one paragraph max.). Remember the last "paragraph" (at the very bottom) must have only one line of text, otherwise it creates the white space again.

Hope this helps :)

Operational  Capability

Thanks Jan I too am having same issue with scroll bars. I tried this solution I broke the text into multiple boxes with 1-2 text lines in each box and only one line of text in the last box however it still displays with loads of unwanted space following the text. If anyone has had any success with overcoming this issue I would be so happy to hear what you did. 

Nuno  Cardoso

Quite old, but hope this helps. IE and Edge issues. To solve it:

Add a trigger >>  "Execute Javascript" and past this code:

$(".scrollarea-area div").css("overflow", "hidden");
$(".base-layer div").css("overflow", "visible");

When: Timeline starts.

NOTE: Put this JavaScript code in the layers were you have scroll bars.

Lisa Jones

With jQuery gone, this solution won't work anymore. The issue is ultimately needing a property of "overflow:hidden" added to the text box in the scroll panel. I can see it fix in devtools when I add it to the inline style of the text box.

For those of us who have a huge amount of users that are on IE, You'd be surprised at the amount of tickets that come in that the panel is "missing some information" or "some of the information isn't showing." 

it would be really helpful to fix, and should be low-hanging fruit. Thanks!

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