Unwanted Glow Color appears on partially "Transparent" Shapes.

I want to have a partially transparent (white) shape with some text, an orange outline and an orange glow. As soon as I apply the glow, the background color takes on the color of the glow, which I don't want. When I set my background color to "white" I want a (partially transparent) white background.

Orange Glow on "white" backround


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello James and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know what you are seeing with your transparent shape and the glow effect. This is the default behavior for glow and shadow to appear behind the shape, so a transparent shape will display any color from that effect.

I created a couple of examples that may work for you and included in the attached story.

Vincent Scoma

Hi James,

Great question!

The glow effect is set this way by design and meant to add more of an accent to a shape. It sounds like to me that you are wanting the glow effect to appear only around the shape instead of covering the entire shape?  If so, I would love for you to share more details with our team on this here!

Another option that might help is to customize the shadow effect instead of using glow. You do have more customization options when using the shadow effect, which might achieve more of the look you are searching for. We have a great resource that provides more details on this here