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Jeanette Brooks

Thanks for attaching the file, Chris! I totally agree, that behavior is odd! It looks like perhaps there was some existing formatting attributes that were being hold from a previous default shape or something. I'll share your example with our dev team so that they can take a look and see if there's something odd going on with the way Storyline is handling the fill.

In the meantime, I was able to get rid of the gradient on your menu shapes by doing this:  in a separate Storyline file, I created a shape with a completely solid fill (no gradient) and no outline. I then copied/pasted that into your file, and used the format painter to copy the new shape's attributes to your menu shapes. (The format painter is a small paintbrush icon on the Home tab. To use it, select a shape that has the formatting you want, then click the format painter, and then click the shape you want to apply the formatting to.)

This got rid of the gradient on each of the menu shapes. Then I right-clicked one of the menu shapes and chose "Set as Default Shape." This means that any new shape I add will inherit those same attributes (solid fill, no gradient). The tweaked file is attached. I hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

One more thought, Chris - perhaps what happened to cause the gradient in the first place is that you or someone else used the Format Painter to copy the formatting from a Storyline button. I just now tried that in a sample file, and sure enough, it did cause a button-like gradient to be applied, even though the Format Shape window was still showing it as a solid fill. Not sure if that helps or not, but it at least might isolate the reasons why the gradient showed up in the first place.