Unwanted Second Being Added to Timeline

Mar 07, 2013

Hi everyone. Has anyone else been having the problem with unwanted time are being added to a time line, extending slide length by a number of seconds (up to 17!) in many cases. 

This is becoming an issue for me, as I have a number of slides that have timed layers. I set-up the timings, but when I return to the slide extra seconds have been added. It is only a problem, when I set up a trigger to "show layer > when timeline ends". 

Some of my colleagues are also having this problem. Is this a known issue? 

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Elspeth Timmans

Hi James,

Did you find a resolution to this issue? We are experiencing something very similar ...

We are embedding video into Storyline, on multiple slides. When we publish the project everything works fine. But when we reopen the Storyline file to make a change, the timeline for all slides is defaulting to the length of the longest slide. This means we have to reset all our timings.

We are also seeing more than 15 seconds added to the timeline in some instances, but consistently for every slide in the project. 

Another issue we're getting is an extra second being added on some slides when viewed in html5 ...

It would be great to hear if you have a fix (other than manually changing the file each time).

James McLuckie

Hi Elspeth

No, I didn't find an answer as such, but I did find a workaround for my particular issue, as it only seems to be a problem that affects the base layer. 

Previously, if I needed the keep to base layer clear of everything but the background and navigation elements, I would set up a trigger to jump to layer 1 when the timeline ends. I would have the timeline set to between 0.5 and 1.0 seconds. As noted above, often when I would go back into a project (and sometimes even after just previewing) I would find that around 17 seconds would have been added to base layer timeline. 

Instead, what I do now is set the trigger to default to when timeline STARTS, and have my timings set on layer 1. I have not had an issues with the timing adjusting on layer 1. This way, even if extra seconds have been added to the base layer, it has no bearing on when things appear on screen. 

Might it be an option for you to put your videos on a layer, and have the layer show when the timeline starts? I have a few videos on layers and they work really well. 

I did find that this was more of an issue when the project was being opened on different PCs (and especially if it was being opened on a PC-enabled Mac). The same file, but opened by different people via a sharing system such as Dropbox. 

Anywyay, I hope that helps. Or, if not, you find an answer!

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