Update 10 bug? Move character on line motion path when user clicks outside

The above trigger is no longer working since I did the Storyline 2 update 10 this morning. The character moves regardless of clicking on the help picture or not. It was working immediately prior to the update. I recompiled a previously working story and sure enough, that one is now also not working as it was before the update. Move character on line motion path when user clicks outside x.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Debbie

I just created a new project in SL2.10 and tried to emulate what you have listed as the issue and mine appears to be working. I may not have it correct in my sample.

Have you tried creating a new project and importing the slide in to see if it works or do you want to upload the slide and someone might be able to take a look at it.

Wendy Farmer

Super strange.

I inserted a new picture and it does the same - moves the character even though trigger says 'click outside'.  

I even created separate triggers for both objects to see if that would work but same behaviour...if it's a pic and you click outside it doesn't execute the trigger correctly.

I would log a support ticket with Articulate and get their engineers to check it out. Something funky going on.

Sorry couldn't be more help

Debbie H

Update from Articulate Support:

"The issue has been reported to our QA team for investigation. We certainly hope a solution is found soon but unfortunately we cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved.

Best we can do is contact you once a solution is found and suggest workarounds (if any).

Cleo Sinues

Customer Support Engineer

Articulate Support - http://www.articulate.com/support/"