Update 2 screen recording change

Dec 17, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I'm very glad to have update 2 installed and fixing up a bunch of little issues I was experiencing. There was much more comunication of the updates existence too, which is great for people like me who work behind big firewalls and don't get the srotyline notifications/tutorials in the Storyline Intro Screen.

I have noticed one issue though and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this or if it is a change in the way screen recordings are done.

When I start a screen recording by pressing the record button, I generally place the mouse over the place on the recorded screen that I would like it to start at so when the count down ends it's ready to go. I am noticing now that when the count down ends it places my cursor back on the record/pause button regardless of where I had it positioned.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

It wouldn't suprise me if it was just me - I also can't expand/contract my recording window by the diagonals, it's always been that way and it seems noone else has that problem either. 

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