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May 07, 2020

We have an old course that we would like to convert to a specific template from the 360 template library.

I know I can click new slide > Content Library, then add a new slide in the template that I need. Then, I would need to rebuild the slide with the template. 

In some instances, there are a number of elements on the slide that are ok as is. It would be much easier to just add the template to the slide rather than rebuilding. Is there a way to do this that I am not seeing?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Good question. Let's break it down into a few steps.

What makes a template? Layouts, theme colors, theme fonts. 

Other considerations? The slide aspect ratio from the existing content should be the same as the template. Otherwise the content is skewed and shifted around.

Old Content: Option 1

  • Insert a template slide. That brings in all of the layouts for that template. 
  • Create a new slide using one of the templates and then copy and paste your old slide content into the template.
  • This is the easiest as the old content si formatted based on the new template.

Old Content: Option 2

  • Insert a template slide. That brings in the layouts and themes.
  • On the old slide, apply the theme colors and theme fonts. Everything from the old content that used themes originally will convert to the new theme settings. Unfortunately, most people don't use themes consistently so you probably will have to do some tweaking, which is why option one probably is the better option.
  • You can use the format painter to grab formatting from the new template and apply to the old template. 

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