Update existing course with new template but keep the ID numbers for translation


I have an existing course that should be updated with a new template due to new CVI. From this existing course, I have exported the text that is the basis for translations. How do I add the new template to the course while ensuring that the ID numbers are retained? The translated text should end up in the correct places in the updated course.


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Ulrika Holtenäs

Since the course does not consist of so many slides (intro slide, chapter slide and a few slides with some questions and a result slide) I guess the best solution is to re-create the course directly in the new template (new colors and formatting) and then just copy the translated text. What do you think about that?

Ulrika Holtenäs

Hi Ashley,

Yes, the text has already been exported and translated. If I apply the template and make adjustments as needed, all formatting will be replaced by the formatting from the translated Word document, which means I will have to adjust all text boxes after importing the translated text. Maybe it is better to create the course directly in the new template and just copy and paste the translated text?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ulrika,

It sounds like copying/pasting would work best, given your template is already set up and doesn't match the translated formatting. 

One other thought is if you've set up your template a slide master you could apply those masters again to your content after importing in the text. That should allow you to only make minor formatting adjustments.