Update several instances of the same graphic

I have an Articulate Storyline project, and within this project I am using a common graphic (a button) that is used throughout several slides.

Is there a strategy that I can use if I need to update all instances of the graphic within this button. I have found if I change the button graphic on a slide, it changes that instance only and not any of the other buttons. Is it possible to create a "symbol" which can then be edited in a single place and then see those changes reflected throughout the entire project, where ever an "instance" of the "symbol" has been used?

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Sam Hill

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your quick response. I was really hoping that I would be wrong about that. It seems to me like a great candidate for a future feature request. This is one of those things that can really blow scope on a project if the client is not happy about an icon/image choice and requests it to be changed.



Brett Rockwood

Sam and Michael,

Couldn't agree more about the need for either a library to store images (somewhat like Flash uses for symbols or Captivate does) or just the ability to link to images that reside outside of the Storyline file itself (like is common in the print industry with InDesign/Quark, etc.). Personally I like linking better as it keeps files sizes smaller and lets multiple people use the same graphics (which can be updated as necessary and then have the changes reflected through all of the "subscribing" files. Adding a feature request is the best way to let the Articulate folks know we'd like it. (... climbing down from my soapbox...)

Phil Mayor

I think iris more about making the library accessible, storyline definitely gas one. 

A dirty way of changing all the images in to a course is if they all have the same name e.g picture1.jpg

crwate a new course , name the picture you want to swap picture1.jpg  insert into storyline, then import the whole course, storyline will switch the new image in the imported course. 

I think ink this may be a bug but shows the existence of a library