Update text variable when user drags shap to drop shape


Slide 1 has 12 shapes (containing tips). Learners drag their 6 top tips to a toolbox (drop shape).

On slide 2, I would like a list of their selected top tips to appear in text format. How do I use variables to populate the list? The list could also be comprised of 6 textboxes instead of 1 textbox.

Thank you.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Celine,

I'm not sure if you meant to attach your file or not, although it may be helpful to do so to let other users take a look at the set up.

As for how to do so, you'd want to look at using the "adjust variable" trigger on slide 1 to adjust each variable when the object has been dropped or is in a dropped state (that you create) and then on slide 2 you'll use the variable reference.