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Stimpson Cat

Hi Leslie,

I notice the likert question product support page has been updated - great! Interestingly, I already have Update 6 installed and have been using it to do my testing.

I have been assuming survey questions are reported to an LMS as separate cmi.interaction objects. Please correct me if I'm wrong

Stimpson Cat

Hi Leslie,

Sorry about that. Yes, I'm still having difficulty. I had Update 6 installed. It wasn't sending likert scale data to the LMS. I also tested it in Storyline 2 and the same thing was happening - no data was being sent to the LMS.

I then had more of an in-depth look at the LMS logs (on SCORM Cloud) and noticed that likert data is probably being stored in the cmi.suspend object. I was expecting the data to be stored as a cmi.interaction object.

Storyline 1 log (now deleted)

Storyline 2 log (now deleted)


  • How is the likert scale question data stored in the LMS from Storyline? Is there any documentation available on this you could point me to?
  • Update 6 and Storyline 2 doesn't seem to have fixed the problem. What can you advise me to do next?

Thanks so much for your help