Update URL/File names

Jul 28, 2015

My project uses icons throughout to allow the user to go to either a URL or a file name.  Some URL/file names are used several times throughout the project.  Is there a way that I can 'search and replace' or generate a 'where used' list to enable me to efficiently update the addresses should the external addresses be changed.  I was hopeful that generating an export document would help but  :-(

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug, 

There isn't a "find and replace" feature in Storyline, although it may be something to share as a feature request!  You mentioned doing an export document - but were you using the translation export or publish to Word? The translation export/import process should allowyou to change items within the course as detailed here - although it won't pull the URLs if listed in triggers only. It'll only gather slide content and notes. 

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