Updates Keep Breaking Customizations

Feb 07, 2018

Hello Storyline Team,

We are in the process of migrating our organization's library of nearly 200 courses into Storyline 360 and have many javascript customizations and course features in our template. In just the past month of course development, Storyline 360 updates have broken course features and customizations four times.

I understand that Storyline 360 is a very complex software and as a software developer myself, I'm completely understanding of bugs. These things happen, and no amount of testing is going to prevent them. However, with other software, I have the option to choose what build version I use. So if a new build breaks my customizations, I can simply submit a bug report and revert my software back to the build version that works. This also means that in a collaborative environment like ours, where we have three developers working on the same course, we can also make sure everyone is using the same build--unlike what we have now, where we discovered all three developers were deploying with different builds depending on when they last updated.

A contractor we are working with has advised us to switch to Storyline 3 to eliminate this problem and we are investigating that as a possibility. Please consider this a feature request. In order to use Storyline 360, we desperately need the ability to control what build version we are running as many other software suites allow.


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