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Hi everyone,

I reckon there must be other people out there in this same boat. Storyline as an authoring tool is great for building interactions and bespoke modules etc. Its really easy to use so it makes sense for our business to use this to author content. 

However whenever legislation changes or and update is made, we can have up to 100 versions of one course. Surely there is something that integrates with Storyline in order that once you update one version of the course it can make those updates in all the other versions of the course. Surely others are encountering this issue?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Amy,

As far as I know, there's no way to update one version of a course and then have the program automatically update all other versions accordingly. That would be soooo complicated, since there are different ways a course might be updated (edit text, swap graphics, add or delete slides, etc.). 

There are a few tricks that might help a little:

  • When possible, store the regularly changed info externally, such as on a website or in SharePoint. Have the courses link there.
    • Note: This only works if the site has a URL that won't change. For example, I once had to link to PDF tip sheets. We put the version info within the PDFs and kept their file names exactly the same, so the SharePoint URL wouldn't change.
  • If the change involves editing a given string of text, use Find and Replace in each course. This works well if you just need simple changes, like changing all instances of "Version 100" to "Version 101." 

Unfortunately, you still have to republish, test, and reload all the versions.