Updating attached resources

We are using the built-in resources tab to attach some pdfs with our content which is published for our LMS.

Obviously in the process of developing our content the resources get updated and revised. But the when we publish the resources don't get updated. I'm guessing it is because SL isn't linking to the file on my hard drive, but rather "copying" it into the .story file.

But I can't figure out how to tell storyline that the PDF is new and it should use that.

The only way I've found is to delete it from the resource menu and then reattach it.

Is there a better way to keep my resources up-to-date?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi R,

I just tested this with my own files and uploaded to my AO account - when I went back and used the "Edit resource" button from within the Player tab I was able to change the resource and then republish. The new resource appeared within my republished course. It is possible that the LMS you're publishing to is keeping a cached version, and therefore not recognizing the new file? You could try to clear out it out from within your internet browser to see if it shows the new file. Also, you could test it by uploading to SCORM Cloud and seeing if the new resource appears there - if so you'll want to connect with your LMS team about how it'll treat new versions of the same course.