Updating masters across multiple projects

Is there any meaningful difference between creating a new project based on a .storytemplate file and simply importing a .story file into a blank project, aside from saving a click or two?

I have 50+ learning modules that will share a global set of master slides.

Everything is fine if my master slides and layout never change, but in the likely event that a change is required, I would need to reimport the slide master for each and every module. That would be incredibly tedious.

Can a staff member or anyone else confirm my hunch that there is no reasonable workflow for updating a master slide (and its child layouts) across multiple projects?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Zach,

You will need to set up the slide masters and save this as a .storytemplate file.

This can then be imported into new projects and all the slide masters will be brought in. You can then choose to apply the masters to excisting slides, or choose which slide masters any new slides would use when inserting.

Here is some information on using and creating Storyline Templates.

Let us know if you need anything else.