Updating my Storyline Course causes users to start all over again

Is there a way I can update my content without having users have to start course all over again if they are in the middle of a course? is quite a long course I have setup and users usulally do it periodically, I have users reporting in AO that are at for example slide 76 out of 110 and if I update a slide in the presentation and re-publish... it makes them start form the beginning... Please help..

Dante Vidal

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dante,

There's really no way to update a "live" course and not have it reset. When you're publishing it and uploading it again, you're overwriting the content. So, when the user views the course after you've updated it, they're viewing a new file. The best thing to do would be to upload the course when it's complete.

If you have to do a lot of updating over time to a course, you might want to consider uploading one course for distribution, then upload a second version of it. The second version you can update as needed and once it reaches a good stopping point, you can replace the original. However, anyone that views that new course will need to redo the course.

I totally understand if it's a fairly long course that takes a while to complete. If that's the case, maybe you could give learners a schedule for completion? For example, say the course takes a week to complete. Have the learners finish and submit their course on Friday. You could then update the original file on the weekend (if you already have an updated version all you would need to do is overwrite the old), and then have new learners start the following week. Just a suggestion, but this way learners would be aware that the course will/may be updated by Monday. 

Hope this make sense I'm sure there's other options, too. You might want to consider posting over in the Building Better Courses section of the forums for a little more feedback and suggestions from other community members.

Good luck, Dante! I hope it goes well!