Updating to articulate storyline 2

Hei guys

I'm really excited to update the articulate storyline to the 2 version.

But before that i need to clarify some douts:

- The majority of my e-learning projects are developed in articulate storyline 1, and the recent theory is that in the near future i'll probably will have to update these projects,

If i update to storyline 2 will i be able to open this projects?

How this projects behave in storyline 2?


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Belen Ferrer

Hi Zia,

You shouldn't lose anything when you upgrade. But maybe the best way to proceed would be to begin by updating just one of your projects to SL2 (like Emily said, the program will automatically save an SL1 backup, so nothing will be lost). Then, carefully review the updated project to see that everything you created in SL1 still looks the same and moves the same. Is your text displaying the same way? Are your animations and transitions working like they did in SL1? Etc. Some users have found that a few things in their upgraded projects don't look exactly the same as they did in SL1. Depending on your project, these things could take a long time to change, or could be quick fixes. Or, best case scenario, no changes are needed at all!

So, in conclusion, try one project first and pay a lot of attention to all your elements. That way you can see exactly what to expect from upgrading all your projects.

Clint Dawley

Hello, everyone!

In my experience, anytime I've upgraded a project from SL1 to SL2, the majority of the animations on content are lost and I must re-apply them. Luckily, the "By Paragraph" timing is kept, so I only need to use the "Animation Painter" to re-apply the animation and "By Paragraph" setting, but in a project with more than 100 slides with several different types of animation, it still adds up to quite a bit of wasted time fixing something that shouldn't have been broken during the upgrade process. This has not been fixed by either of the updates released for Storyline 2. Has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

Clint Dawley

I have tried that, yes. And it has happened across multiple updates on two computers, so I know it's not a corrupted installation.

I have tried the following three scenarios:

1. Opening an SL1 project with SL2 and allowing Storyline to upgrade the project file. Content is fine, just lost animations, primarily on text boxes. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be a pattern. Maybe 5% of the text boxes in a project keep their animations, and maybe 5% of images and shapes in a project lose theirs.

2. Importing slides from step 1 into new SL2 project. Animations are still missing, as they were removed during the upgrade process.

3. Importing slides from original SL1 project file into new SL2 project. Same as step 1.

I am currently finishing the last project we're upgrading from SL1 so I won't have the issue going forward, but I wanted to make it known that the upgrade process is not yet glitch-free and this is something to watch out for when upgrading older projects.