Upfront Design Considerations if requirement to publish to html5

Oct 31, 2012

So I am pretty new to Storyline and just published my first, very basic course. I am being given a requirement in the future to...

a.) not force students/users to have an extra download of the articulate mobile player for iPad users

b.) to default to html5 (except perhaps for IE or older browser, in which case take the device id and serve up flash)

I am realizing that there doesn't seem to be parity in html5 and flash even in desktop browsers that support html5 (e.g. Chrome). I reviewed the compatibility matrix but it seems for me right now there are three areas that sting me as I publish to html5:

  • [desktop browser or viewing on iPad] no search facility...so if I am including notes, html5 output doesn't implement search
  • [desktop browser or viewing on iPad] no topbar right elements nav bar at top - I was using some customization on the storyline player but it won't show up in html5 output
  • [iPad] can't handle "audio and video" at same time in screen recordings - I have screen recordings given to me that I include narration for, but these do not play correctly on an iPad in html5

So I guess my question is, does anyone have a requirement to bypass the Articulate Mobile Player output and just publish to html? If so, how have you worked around the limitations of output to do the sort of things I am trying to do?



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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, John!

Here’s how Storyline determines which version of your content to display when users view it. As for the limitations in HTML5 you're experiencing, gradually those should become more and more scarce as HTML5 matures, but feel free to make feature requests for anything you'd like to see in future builds. Thanks!

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