Upgrade issues in Storyline 360 version 3.36.21289.0

Feb 18, 2020

Hi Team,

i am facing some issues in Upgraded version of Storyline 360 (version 3.36.21289.0), van any one suggest?

  • In this version, JAWS reads only some of the content. JAWS reader navigates via "Down" and "Up" arrow keys only. The content does not select/highlight itself while JAWS is reading out the relevant portions.
  • Note/Transcript content is not being read out properly by the JAWS reader.
  • JAWS reader reads out some extra/additional content (i.e., the blank space).
  • Navigating via the "Tab" key highlights only the GUI element/Navigation buttons.
  • Developer-defined shortcut keys do not work in this version.
  • The "Tab" order defined beforehand does not play in the sequence it was set as.
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