Upgrade Storyline 2 to 3 - what happens to the print results button

Jul 06, 2017


we currently have a number of tutorials created with storyline 2 and made available as Flash objects.

I'm looking to go HTML5-only - in storyline 2 this gives us a problem as the print results button in 2 is not available in the HTML5 version of the tutorial.

I understand that storyline 3 is taking an HTML5 first attitude and the support for HTML5 versions is greater but...

Is the print results button available on the results slide and does it work in HTML5?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Cheryl

interesting question.

I just tested a new project in SL360 and the print results button is available as an option but when published the HTML5 version returns a blank screen.  I have tested publish options HTML5 with flash and Flash with HTML5 - neither works when viewing in Chrome or Edge.

Sample .story file attached

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