Upgrade to SL2 - Lost Slide Master Layer functionality


I just updated to Stroyline 2 and needed to do a little edit on a completed file. When I open the file, it rightfully converts to the newest Storyline 2 version. When I open the course and preview, it looks as if I've lost functionality in my slide layers. It looks as if some slides had layout changes and were now being controlled by Slide Master Slaves but the layers in the main master are not translating down to the masters slaves. The Slide Master still has the triggers and layers but the slaves are not using those layers and triggers from the main master. I tried to open a previous version of the completed file (that wasn't converted) in ST1 so I could see what had changed so I can correct it, but I can't use ST1 for ANY of my files, converted or not. Looks like I'm stuck now needing to refamiliarize myself with all the completed layers and triggers from all courses created with ST1 (and I have a great many files). This is going to be a mountain of work. Had I known this was going to happen I would have never upgraded.

I even tried to copy the layers from the main master to the slaves but the functionality of the layers and triggers still doesn't work. It's quite odd.

Has anyone else noticed a problem like this? and if so, is there any solutions out there? I'd also be interested in finding out what other upgrade surprises are in store for me.

Thank you for any assistance or wisdom you can offer.

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Vaughan Martin

I'll try to clarify with one of the simpler triggers and layers.

The original file was created with ST1.

In the main slide I have 2 triggers that makes a variable = false when slide starts and True when slide ends. There is a layer that tells the student they must finish listening to the slides audio if the variable is = false. This layer is triggered when the student clicks "Next" and the variable is still false. When the slide is complete, the variable = true and the user can move forward.

This is a simplistic example but I have slide masters where content triggers are on multiple layers. If I can't get the layers to work then the course won't progress properly.

I will see if I can make a bug report myself on this on. This new forum format may have me looking around for the spot to make a report. It's been a while since I've been in the forum.

I did get a bit mixed up with my response between this post an the other post you responded to a few minutes ago.

At my current experience, I may try to uninstall ST2 in the hopes I can revive my files in ST1 to make my corrections. Unfortunately, I believe all the ST1 files on my computer have been converted (I only gave permission for 1 file conversion but it seems to have converted them all). I may need to dig up some archival backup files that I've stored elsewhere. I just hope the latest's edits are there.... or its going to be a very, very long few weeks.

Vaughan Martin

Thanks for the reminder Steve,

I do see the SL1-Backup...

I am able to open this backup in SL1. This is a relief. I guess I'll continue working in SL1 in the hopes that SL2 is repaired at some point. I suppose I could use version codes to keep my files strait and understandable.


Thanks Steve,

Vaughan Martin

I submitted a Bug Report on this issue. When I get some time, I will try to reconvert this file to ST2 to see if it was just a problem in conversion. It is quite strange however. I have a Slide Master that says there are 18 slides using that slide master, but when I look at the slave masters under that master I only count a total of 16 slides. When I open the SL1 backup however, the proper amount of slides are reported under each master.

In any case, I'm reverting back to SL1 till I get a response from Articulate on the Bug Submission.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vaughan,

Do you have a case number so that I can take a look and follow along in the progress as well? You would have received an email notification if you submitted the case to our team here.  If you used the "report a bug" feature while in Storyline, that generates a report to our QA team for reviewing but it will not create a method for them to get in touch with you about the issue. 

Vaughan Martin


Now that you mention it, I didn't receive an email notification that the report was received. I did report via the "Submit a Support Case", the same screen as you've linked to but I haven't received anything. Probably got lost in the ether. I suppose I'll need to resubmit, perhaps I can describe it better this time. Thanks for reminding me as I would have been waiting a long time and probably got frustrated at some point.