Upgrading files from SL1 to Storyline 2: Immediate Solution Needed

I've spent the better part of the last 2 days fighting with Storyline 2.

I have a small client course in Storyline 1 (18 slides, 3 very short videos). Our workflow for the past 2 years has been:

Storyline installed on a VMWare Fusion Virtual Machine running 64 bit Windows 7.  We work from and save files in dropbox. Multiple developers also access those files from remote locations as needed.  This process has worked flawlessly for 2 years.

Now I am getting constant errors whether I'm starting a new Storyline 2 file OR importing an Storyline 1 File. I have been told that if an Storyline 1 file or any of it's assets have EVER been stored on DropBox or a network or a remote drive, then that can create corruptions in the file. And those corruption's may not show until you try to import. We have tried every version of cut and paste, import, rebuild, changing file locations and still we get one of these stupid errors! The most prevalent is:

"The project file could not be saved. Store must be open for this operation."

From that point, the whole file is lost. There is no way to save it. The error happens sporadically and for different reasons, but it makes Storyline 2 completely unusable for me. I even paid for a custom support session and it's clear that they are aware of this problem, but have no idea how to fix it.

I have requested further escalation but have been told that they are not sure of or when anyone will get back with me. Does anyone have an answer to this?


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