Upgrading published Storyline 2 courses to Storyline 3

We have been testing to see if we can upgrade published Storyline 2 courses to Storyline 3.  Some users might be part way through the existing course.  We use Moodle as an LMS. 

If we publish a course in Storyline 3 in Moodle, it works no problem....as you would expect  If we take an existing Storyline 2 course published in Moodle that we are part way through and republish that same course in Storyline 3 (say html5 only), then all we get when we access the course in Moodle is the "loading" spinner.  The newly updated course never loads.  

This seems to suggest that we cannot update existing published courses and will need to republish a new course for each one.

Anyone else have a similar problem?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Leslie! Thanks for trying Storyline 3.

Tell me about what happens after you publish your updated course with Storyline 3:

  • Are you creating a new content item in your LMS?
  • Does your LMS support bookmarking (and control the resume behavior)?

If your LMS is recognizing the newly updated course as the same content, it might be confused on how to handle “resuming” the course.

Try creating a new content item in your LMS for the Storyline 3 version of the course.  That way, anybody who is in progress on the Storyline 2 version of the course can continue, and going forward, you can shift learners to the Storyline 3 version.

Let us know how you make out!


Leslie Foster

We use Moodle as an LMS.

If we publish the storyline 3 course as a new course, it is fine.  It launches first time.

We wanted to have a seamless transition to storyline 3 published courses and html5 only versions.  Some users are part way through the course and new users are enrolling all the time.  We were trying to avoid having 2 published versions of the same course by simply updating the course.

Our testing suggests that it is not possible to replace a storyline 2 course with a storyline 3 version (no other changes) and the bookmarking to work.  Indeed, it just seems to stop the course functioning for users with partial completion of the original course.