Upload for AICC

I tried to published a course as SCORM AICC to scorm cloud, and below are the parse errors and won't launch. 

I have tried to modify the Filename(URL) field and Configuration.js file but the problem still exist. Please help. 

  • The max time allowed specified in the AU file as could not be parsed into a valid time span. The specific error was: Could not create a ScormTimeSpan because the value cannot be empty..
  • The time limit action specified in the AU file as could not be parsed into a time limit action. The specific error was: The value '' is not a valid Time Limit Action..
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    Dennis Hall

    Hi Yiu:

    AICC is not SCORM. SCORM is not AICC.

    You cannot publish an AICC course to a SCORM engine,

    AICC is an output that uses the HTTPD Protocol, while SCORM uses HTTP. AICC courses are uploaded to a web server and pointed to by a HTTP query string in the LMS. SCORM is a package uploaded to a LMs and only usable (out of box) by that LMS.

    I've probably confused you at this point, so you should read about the 2 communication architectures at scorm.org, and aicc. org.

    Best Regards,

    Dennis Hall

    Kathy Lee

    Hi Ashley,

    My client is moving from SCORM 1.2 to AICC content, which they find works better with their LMS.

    I followed the instructions in the you provided and was able to test my course successfully in SCORM Cloud.


    Can I just send the same zipped file to the client? OR Do I need to republish and put the two settings I changed back to the way it was in order for the course to work properly with the client’s LMS?

    Also, if I need to republish with the original settings for the client, could I instead publish using SCORM, test on SCORM cloud, and then publish again using AICC for the client? That is, if the course works for SCORM, I can safely assume it works for AICC? My concern is there is a much higher chance of making a mistake changing the two settings described in the link (and changing it back) than choosing a different drop-down option.

    Thank you!


    Gerry Wasiluk


    Yes, you have to republish the course as AICC.  You cannot upload a zip of a SCORM 1.2 course to AICC.  A lot of file differences between AICC and sCORM versions.

    I think you can safely assume that the SL course itself, except for how things get reported "under the hood" to LMS, work the same as SCORM 1.2 or AICC.

    However, I'd encourage testing, at least at first to be sure the interaction of the content with the LMS is sound for AICC.  You want to make sure the course as AICC works with the LMS itself.

    I'm a big believer in always testing.  It's a step that should never be skipped.  Never assume anything.  The Articulate content could be sound but the LMS may have a problem--or the content servers or network the LMS is on could cause problems with AICC (e.g., cross domain or network latency or processing data request issues from the content) that don't happen with SCORM.

    Kathy Lee

    Thanks for responding, Gerry.

    My question is regarding the modifications of an AICC published course in order to test in SCORM Cloud.

    Are you saying that the modifications detailed in Ashley's link make the course SCORM content, even though I selected AICC in the Storyline publish settings?

    I agree with you about testing. My preference is to test the AICC published course myself before sending it to the client, who will also test it on their end. There's no efficiency to be gained if I send a course to the client that may or may not work.

    Gerry Wasiluk

    Thanks, Kathy!  I may have misunderstood your question a bit.

    The changes you needed to make to test AICC in SCORM Cloud may or may not work for your client's LMS.  It's going to depend on what the client's LMS needs to make AICC work.  It may or may not be the same as SCORM Cloud.  How one LMS handles aICC can sometimes be different than another, or even SCORM Cloud.

    It sounds like you know the client's LMS requires for AICC?

    Sometimes you can get by editing files in the zip (the one you used in SCORM Cloud) and sometimes you may need to re-publish.  Again, depends on what the client's LMS demands.

    Kathy Lee

    Hi Gerry,

    The client said, "Just change the publish settings to AICC in Storyline." He did not mention any additional modifications.

    I searched for testing AICC content (not on SCORM Cloud) and found this resource. Have you had any experience with it?

    If no, would you be interested in the results after I test it?

    Kathy Lee

    I confirmed with the client that the process for us is to publish using SCORM, test in SCORM Cloud to make sure reporting works, then republish in AICC for client to test on their LMS.

    If any one is interested, the AICC resource site is: http://www.aicc.org/joomla/dev/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=53&Itemid=11