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Kim Hofmann

Thank you Leslie.
Got time for another question? I am new to Storyline (just purchased) and I am planning on using it to design on-line training. I wanted to be able to design a “teaser” drag and drop exercise in Storyline and use it to entice potential participants to purchase the training. I can figure out how to design the drag and drop (thanks to your wonderful tutorials), but I don’t know how to post it in a blog in LinkedIn or included in a Constant Contact blurb. Any ideas? (Then I need to be able to get the course in my Weebly website so they can take the course ☺ .)
Kim Hofmann

Jeanette Bremner

I am on the same Weebly Storyline journey.  I have managed to use moodle cloud and link between the two BUT I am in still struggling to get past the Moodle login for guests needing to use a password....hopefully have it solved today.   It would be AMAZING if there were a way for Storyline to be linked to the Weebly site.  Weebly is perfect for me in everyother way