upload to SCORM host site changes quiz buttons ?

Nov 14, 2013

I have recently added a course module where I decided to take off the default button settings of "prev" , "next" and "submit"  instead opting for use of a custom button with trigger going to next slide. The state of the button is hidden until the sound completes then it changes the state to normal so the user can not click submit until they have heard all that the narrator has to say before answering the question. 

When I uploaded this module to a SCORM HTML5 type host site the file uploaded fine but it seems to have the default buttons of "prev" and "next" on it when the course is reviewed if the user does not pass the quiz.  Is this something I can control or is this a specific thing that happens when the file is loaded into a host site like this. 

I want to keep these default buttons out of the quiz even during review because they foul up sequencing on one slide so I need to get rid of these default buttons on review or change the assigned number of a slide a little so its sequence is kept the same weather the default "next" or created "submit" button I made is pushed. 

Any help appreciated. 

Phil Landry 

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