Upload to Sharepoint 2010 - What Version?

May 05, 2016


What SharePoint 2010 platform do I need to upload an Articulate Storyline 2 project? Are any FREE which would work?

  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SharePoint 2010 Server
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint 2010 Designer
  • SharePoint 2010 LMS

...and have the ability to/include:

1. Track user activity; 2. Quiz engine; 3. Real-time data; 4. Content level permissions; 5. Deploy on-line training (externally by internet - not intranet) for X amount of users; 6. Cost-effective; 7. Records management; and 8. Filtering.



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Michelle Buckland

Hi Leslie,

What is difficult for me to understand in the community discussions is that some mention SharePoint, some mention SharePoint Online, some mention SharePoint Designer, some mention SharePoint Server, etc.  So I do not understand and confused which is the one used to do the above I requested?


Leslie McKerchie

I understand Michelle, and I'm not expert with Sharepoint either to be able to assist.

Here is what we have on file:

You should be able to host Articulate content in SharePoint Server. However, it won't work with SharePoint Online (the Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Edition), since it doesn't support HTML files. 

If you're using SharePoint Server, check with your SharePoint administrator for instructions on how to upload HTML content. Depending on your version of SharePoint, you may need to switch to an "explorer view" before uploading content, or you may need to "check in" content after uploading. Your administrator will know for sure.

If you need to track learners' progress and results, publish your Articulate content for LMS (SCORM) and use SharePoint's free Learning Kit: http://slk.codeplex.com/

 Perhaps your Sharepoint administrator will be able to assist as well.
Michelle Buckland

Hi Leslie,

A "server" that belongs to the company or a "server" which is considered to be like a 'cloud'?

With all the different types of SharePoint (i.e. Designer, Online, Server, Foundation), which is the one that would address the needs which I noted (e.g. tracking, quiz engine, records management, etc.) in this thread at the beginning?

Thanks for your patience...

Leslie McKerchie

Courses can reside on either type of server.

After publishing, do any of the following:

  • Use the FTP option on the Publish Successful dialog to upload the published files to a web server.
  • Use your own FTP client to upload the published files to a web server.
  • Give the published files to your server administrator to upload to a web server.

After uploading your published content to a web server, give learners the URL for the story.html file.

If you don't have access to a web server, here are a few free options to consider:

  • Tempshare: This is a free service provided by Articulate for testing Storyline content. Note: Uploaded files will be deleted after 10 days.
  • Amazon S3: Amazon S3 offers free hosting with generous usage limits. If you go over your limit, you'll be charged a graduated fee.
  • Dropbox: Place your published output in the Public folder in your Dropbox account to share it with others. (Here's how to enable the Public folder.)

Hopefully some users will be able to chime in and assist you with understanding the differences with your Sharepoint options and some best practices.

Kevin Brake

I recently built out this method to save variables to SharePoint 2010 from Articulate Storyline 2.


I think you might find it useful and you do not even need to store your files on SharePoint. This comes in handy when a project is larger than the permitted storage on your server.

All the best,


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